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Social media is broken. It was created to promote fun, create connections, and build friendships. It has now become a cause of anxiety and depression for users, giving rise to the dreaded "compare and despair" . We don't stand for that. JustHive was founded on a community-first approach. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun platform for people of similar interests to come together to create, explore, share and engage in accessible community forums. It's fun, friendly, and easy!


Signing up to forums today is difficult, it takes too much effort! JustHive makes the process easy and fast.


Forum layouts are confusing and intimidating. Our interface give forums a fresh new look for a smoother flow and better experience!


A community-first approach is the solution to the overwhelming social issues surrounding social networking platforms today.


Our innovative system of Tiles is used to create beautiful and organized posts, putting an end to HTML formatting!


Our tile system empowers to express themselves in any way they choose. There are no limits to self-expression on JustHive, the possibilities are endless!


Our patent pending feedback options will make interacting with Tiles a magical experience!


JustHive is incredibly easy to navigate. Tap on a user or a forum on the home screen to enter their cover page. Scroll down to view the user's or forum's gallery section. Here you can view all current posts or select any one of them to view in detail. Scroll left and right anywhere on the app to navigate from one forum to the next! Easy, smooth, and effortless.


Express and promote yourself by adding tabs on your profile page! We would never confine you to a few text fields. Our tile system allows you to create personalized, beautiful content that's unique to you.
image for tabs

From a short paragraph to a long blog post. It's the first impression. Introduce yourself.


Don't you hate it when your favorite posts get buried? Just add your favorite creations in this tab. Problem solved!


Doing something wonderful? Create a page describing your mission using Tiles.


Important announcement? Share it with all your followers using this Tab.


Sometimes you just want to share some images from your gallery. We get it.


So you're kind of a big deal. You need a Wikipedia page. Add it here.


All your social media posts in one place! We're serious.


Sometimes you just need to collect some emails. Please don't spam anyone!


Sell your products! Yes, sell your products on our platform, it's simple.


Our Tile system gives you the flexibility to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind content that is both engaging and interactive. You can post anything from vlogs and blogs, reviews, how-to's, and anything in between. Even replies to your posts from other users utilize the same Tile system; It's the FORUM way! There are no limitations, no boundaries, or restrictions on posting styles or types. You are free to express yourself through posts however you may choose, which is what makes JustHive so exciting!


Not just “Like” but what you like! Express yourself with specifics. Go beyond the boring ‘like’ and get precise with your feedback.
Choose from a full range of emojis -- pre-selected or designed according to your taste -- and determine the type of feedback you'd like to receive.
You can add hyperlinks to any text, video, or image. Add social icons, add buttons or attach a hyperlink. Get creative!
Compare up to four media files at a time, or create simple text polls. It's a great way to receive feedback


Every post created on JustHive is done using our Tile system. A post is any combination of images, videos, links, or text. Each one of those media files is a Tile.
Create one tile at a time. You can edit, delete, copy, save, arrange, and add interactions to Tiles. You no longer have to be a web developer to create beautiful posts on a forum!
Users are able to create videos, multiple video to vote on or play in sequence, images, multiple images to vote on or to create a collage, styled text, action buttons, input fields, products, and dynamic URLs.
JustHive has a Tile specifically for URLs. We integrate our platform with the most popular media sites. To further explain dynamic URLs, imagine entering in a YouTube link on our platform, we will automatically create a video tile out of that link. We take the URL and create a media tile out of it. You will be able to do this with Twitter Tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Vimeo videos, and list goes on! Dynamic URLs will get better over time. We will support more types of URLs as we progress in our development of Tiles.
The most enticing aspect of the Tile system are the possibilities. When you have this type of control, you can create all types of Tiles. That makes Tiles even more exciting for us because we can't wait to see what you create!
Once you have created multiple Tiles, you can start rearranging them in any order you see fit. To rearrange a Tile, simply press and hold on one.
Once a Tile is lifted out of it's place, you can drag your finger in any direction to move the Tile to a different section of the post.
Lifting your finger off the Tile will snap that Tile to that location. You can also drag the Tile to any one of the 4 corners of the screen to cancel, edit, copy or save the Tile.
You can add an interaction to any Tile. Simply tapping on a tile will give you the option to add reactions, heatmap, voting, a hyperlink or a poll to your Tile.
We believe that users want better feedback and they deserve it. JustHive started with this mindset and we will continue using these features on our platform.

HIVERS (our team)

We are an awesome bunch. We all strive to be the best we can possibly be.
Armen Youssefian
Founder and CEO
Armen has owned and operated several tech and online marketing startups, employed over 50 individuals, and generated 15M in annual revenue. His primary objective today is to create a social experience that is both meaningful and enlightening for the masses.
Austin Wood
Austin speaks English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Robot fluently. His entrepreneurial talents have allowed him to travel across the globe, making positive strides in society using his technical expertise.
John Ballon
Backend and Blockchain Engineer
John is a software engineer with extensive knowledge of both front and back-end technologies, specializing in React and Flask. He is passionate about building data-intensive, scalable applications.
Merik Woodmansee
Full Stack Engineer
Merik has had extensive experience utilizing React and React-Native. He has built numerous dynamic single page javascript applications. He continues his pursuit in technology with special interests in machine learning and computational structures.
Madlena Armoutian
Chief of Staff
Madlena has held various administrative roles in both the medical and legal field, and was accepted to La Verne Law School in 2015. Within that same period, she was introduced to JustHive and made the decision to take the road less traveled.
Chief Youssefian
Chief had a passion for technology from a very early age. Armen and Chief met in 2017 at a developers conference in San Francisco. The two hit it off from the very beginning. Armen has publicly stated on many occassion that, "Chief's brilliance was overwhelming the first day we met."
Bao Le
Frontend Developer
Bao is a Full-Stack Software Engineer with an absolute love for front-end development. He has a thirst for knowledge and strives to learn from every opportunity. When he's not coding, he's an aspiring blogger/influencer, YouTube content creator, Twitch livestreamer, health and fitness coach and online business entrepreneur. He's also a huge dog lover.
Jordan Wiker
iOS Developer
Jordan formerly worked as an electrical engineer at NASA. Now, when he’s not building beautiful iOS apps, you can probably find him writing and recording rap songs, occasionally in German. He really loves squirrels and pigeons.
Erik Hornberger
iOS Developer
Erik studied electrical engineering at Messiah College and University of Kansas. As a software developer, he cares just as much about the beauty of the code as he does the beauty of the app. He speaks Japanese fluently and currently lives in Yokosuka.
Gang Wang
Full Stack Engineer
Gang has been working professionally as an iOS Developer for over 8 years now. He's gained advanced knowledge and experience in developing full feature apps in both Objective-C and swift.
Dirk Abinakad
Marketing Partner
Dirk turned his passion for photography into a multi- million dollar social media empire. His focus on quality production and strong marketing techniques led him to create dozens of luxury fan pages on Instagram with a total following of over 100M users.
Ed Tomassi
Marketing Partner
Ed is the Co-Founder and CEO of FaceHead Media, a leading brand awareness and marketing company focused on social media campaigns. Some of Facehead’s clients include: Doritos, Fatburger, Disney, MTV, Bravo, Syfy, AMC, 20th Century Fox.
Jason Kitchen
Public Relations
Jason attended The University of Windsor and Rowan University for his undergraduate studies and did his graduate work at Michigan State University. He began his Public Relations career in New York as in-house PR Director for a prominent media personality, advancing to Director of Public Relations for a NY non-profit organization.
Ethan Salem
QA Testing
Ethan’s journey into the world of digital media began while directing online marketing operations for The Animal Welfare Society of Howard County, a nonprofit no-kill animal rescue in Maryland. In 2017, Ethan was named the first Director of Digital Media for Summer at Sandy Spring Friends School, an international summer camp hosting thousands of campers and staff from more than a dozen countries.


JustHive has been fortunate enough to have a great team of investors and advisors to keep us focused and on track.
Ian Scarffe
Blockchain and Crypto Advisor
A serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world, Ian is on a personal mission to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping startups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies. A leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian is at the very heart of revolutionizing the financing industry across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies.
Sergey Sevantsyan
Blockchain and Crypto Advisor
International Public Keynote Speaker, Blockchainer, Adviser, ICO Supervisor, Investment Relations & International Community Relations Manager, Technical-evangelist, CITO, Social Engineer. Founder of DAO MBA (Masters of Blockchain Administration). Partner of Ethereum.Moscow
Peter McLoughlin
Investor and Advisor
Peter has accumulated over $100M in property since 2001. Prior to making his fortunes in property however, Peter was working on wallstreet where he focused on financial modeling, valuation, and the acquisitions and sales of small-to-medium-sized companies ($20MM – 1BN). His wealth of knowledge about finance has made his contributions to JustHive invaluable, guiding us from careful planning to execution.
Richard McDonald
Investor and Advisor
Richard is a serial entrepreneur. Having created a few multi-million dollar companies over the years. He now diversifies his portfolio by investing in technology companies and assists JustHive with operations due to his vast experiences in running successful startups in the past.
Champions Resource Partners LLC
Accounting, Finance, Compliance Management
They are emerging to be one of the world’s leading technology accounting, finance and compliance company. They design, build, and run all of our computer and internal systems that handle accounting, finance, compliance, and internal operations. CRP has played a major role in the development of JustHive and is providing us with their proprietary "fast-scale" platform that allow us to grow fast. We are very thankful and incredibly fortunate to have them on-board and running our systems.
Avo Minasyan
Investor and Advisor
Avo owned and operated TNH Pharmacy, an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company over four consecutive years, which generated half a billion in annual revenue, and was acquired for $75M in 2016. His company's growth and eventual success relied heavily on the software technologies he built internally.
Cooley LLP
Legal Advisors
They are the world's leading technology law firm. And they don't just accept any client, they are highly selective. Their list of clients include Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Uber, SpaceX and eBay, to name a few. Cooley has played a major role in the development of JustHive. We are very thankful and incredibly fortunate to have them representing and advising us every step of the way.
Shew Law Corporation
Legal Advisors
They are a boutique international, corporate, and tax firm located in Los Angeles. They have real world experience from the largest firms and biggest corporations in setting up cross border organizations and doing a variety of international transactions. We are very thankful and incredibly fortunate to have them representing and advising us every step of the way.


More information on how tokens will be used and quick JustHive timeline.


In two short years JustHive has evolved from a burgeoning social network into a company with a vision toward developing a unique world of micro-forums that will shape and define a new standard in social media. Here's how we got there.

Concept - September 2015
Armen starts designing his first version of what was once code named PiCcKk!
Patent Filed - January 2016
Filed provisional patent for our HeatMap technology and began development.
Colonies - June 2016
The idea of a better social experience through communities came to be! We decided to develop this as a side feature on the prototype app.
Prototype Launch - January 2017
The first Beta version of JustHive was launched in the App Store.
Final Revisions - July 2017
We learned a lot from our users and kept making revisions of the app. We finalized designs of what the first version of the app was going to look like.
Patent Filed - December 2017
We began the process of patenting our Tiles feature for JustHive.


JustHive is focused on the user experience that is both positive and engaging. We have set our goals and the path is clear. Here's what you can expect from us in the near and distant future.

Beta Launch - June 2018
JustHive will be releasing a beta version of the app to select users. We will create a signup page for users who are interested in trying out the very first beta version. Please be our guinea pig!
Ambassador Program - June 2018
We'll be hand selecting a few of our passionate users to help us spread the word about JustHive and get ready for the launch.
Version 1.0 Release - August 2018
We'll be making our final revisions in preparations for the first version of the JustHive app! Oh baby!
Mass Marketing Campaign - September 2018
JustHive will carefully test the platform for 2-months and make sure it's ready for our first major campaign. We have a plan that we've been tweaking for months now. We have many strategies we will be utilizing for spreading the word about JustHive. Ready, set, go!
Partnership Program - November 2018
The Partnership Program will create an opportunity for content creators to try our platform. We're creating a shared revenue system that we believe will generate a lot of interest with content creators across the globe.
Version 2.0 Release - March 2019
We'd like to add all the amazing features we've come up with over the past 2 years on the first version of the app, but we have to stay patient. We will be adding awesome functionality to the second version of the app and have our target set for March 2019!


JustHive has created a cryptocurrency specifically for the JustHive ecosystem. Find out the many ways you'll be able to use these tokens on our platform.

Every user will have an opportunity to create a Donations Tab on their profile page. Donations will be sent to you using our token.
We are very excited to introduce merchandise sales on our platform. Social networking users have been asking for this feature for years. We will have a Merchandise Tab where users can add their products and sell them on our platform. Tokens can be used on our platform to purchase these products.
The very nature of cryptocurrency is to make it open and free to send and receive. Therefore, the basic concept of sending each other tokens is a no-brainer feature on our platform.
JustHive will eventually create a system where users can receive tokens just for using the platform. We want to reward the big contributors on our platform. We want this to be a system that wont be abused, therefore this system wont be created in the early stages of our company.
We will listen and learn from our users and give them the features that they ask for. Additional use cases for the token will be discussed and developed as we further understand the needs of our users.


JustHive needs your help to realize our dream. For more information about our token sale, download our whitepaper here.


We'd love to hear from you. Most inquiries are answered within 24-hours.

(888) 202-5033


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